The Second Round Starts Today!

I am sitting now in front of my computer to write the emotions I feel inside me in order to remember the moment before I start my trip to Kishinev. These feeling, translated into these words, are difficult to decipher, once again.

I am going this time with a mission, better said, two: to contribute to the country of my ancestors by making their land a better place to live and to finally, FINALLY be able to understand what happen in this place before, during and after the World Wars that was so horrible to remember and was buried in the deepest point of a persons conscience as to not be talked or discussed again in a lifetime. This, is the reason for my coming back to Bessarabia in the first, second, and times to come back again.

I don’t know how I would feel when I arrive in a place I already been before just half a year ago, a place totally unknown to me before and now, a place where I have friends I’m so happy to see, food I can’t wait to palate again, and the landscape that I have the joy to see again and that is starting to be familiar and dear to me. I have plans, yes, big ones. Like my friend Kathy said. So big, that sometimes I stop myself to not think and freak out.

Well, let’s see how this time this adventure to the Land of my grandparents will be. I relax again and let’s see how the continuation of this story will be.


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