Day 1: The journey begins…

I can’t believe that I have finally arrived here, in Chisinau. Day one has gone by sooooo fast. One of the most interesting things I experienced today was to take notice that the mystery of being able to see this place continued and persisted until the end (and even after I touched ground) because of the lack of visibility outside the windows that accompanied me from Vienna until the arrival at the hotel. This fact prevented me to partly absorb my first visual impressions. These windows were either located high up in the skies and overlooking an ocean of grey clouds which were getting thicker and thicker as we approached our destination or were down on earth, blocking the street’s view because of the tainted window of our car fogged from the inside and wet with thick rain drops from the outside. Of course, this personal perception has only made me think and reflect even more about the whole idea of coming here and doing this trip. But once I took the initiative to roll down the window, I was able to see a permanent contrast between modern and classical constructions in Bauhaus style, “communist looking” buildings either in a good shape or badly maintained, beautiful one-floor renovated old houses, lots of traffic, old fashion buses, and large parks. All in all, an atmosphere that evokes in me the pleasant sensation of having been here before and reminded me of places I feel comfortable and at home like, Lima, Tel Aviv, Rhodos and Crete.

This city has not only a European and Mediterranean architectural touch but also has delicious dishes that reflect the influence of the different cultures that inhabited this country before. La Taifas, the cozy restaurant that serves typical Moldovan food I went to with Irina, Yana, Eugenia and Marina was decorated using colorful details and simulated the interior of a Moldovan hut. I was positively surprised to taste the freshness of its vegetables, the thickness of its cream and the quality of its typical cheese, called Brinza. I also tried new dishes in my repertoire like Placinta, a kind of bureka filled with Brinza and Fasolita, something like a Moldovan hummus, a white bean puree. The cherry on top was to  taste a real Mamaliga served together with a portion of really salty scramble eggs, thick cream and shredded Brinza and be able to listen to live musicians playing the favorite old songs of my grandfather.  What an experience and what a day I had! The pleasure of enjoying the company of the girls, the ambiance, wow food, and the reality of being in a longed place made my day complete. More news tomorrow… Good night 🙂

The following images are the impressions of my day. Enjoy!

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