Tell the world I’m coming…home.

I don´t know how you feel, but for me, the fact of not knowing a part of my family past history makes me feel as if a piece of my identity has been stolen from me and as if something is really missing. This lack of knowledge is what drives me to do things I have never thought of doing before. Something like … this adventurous trip, my first back to the roots discovery journey, the one I will start tomorrow. I have been longing to do this emotional voyage since my childhood; and now, I can´t believe that I will finally be able to feel the earth under my feet, step on the streets where my relatives walked on and lived, and lay down eyes on the surroundings where my paternal side of the family comes from. Something… incredible to me. Before then, this trip was just a dream in my mind…. a wish to tick off in my bucket list and a yearning to pursue one day. And this is not so long ago… But now, my dream has become a reality and here I am. I know, that this is a different home than the place I was born (in live in Switzerland and I was born in Peru) or the birthplace of my parents. This is the place where my genes have been travelling from.

But even though I have prepared myself for this precious moment, I still have no idea of what I will see, live, find, smell, touch or taste. But I am sure that whatever I will experience it will be unforgettable and wonderful. Who knows? maybe at this time tomorrow I might be finishing dinner in Bessarabia (now Moldova), this remote place that has a name that sounds like mystery and tastes like Mamaliga and Varenikes. But I have no idea of what will be in a couple of hours…I have no idea how I will feel once I touch land but I know how I feel now. The fact that I am here telling you that for me it is a very overwhelming, emotional, and unreal feeling makes me even more nervous, but on the positive side. I know…I need to relax and step back to enjoy the experience. And this is what I am going to do, because I know I have prepared myself for this time to come.







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