Founders of the Loan and Savings Fund. Audit Committee Directors. Founded 10/17/1926.

One day, like three years ago, I was going through one of my “hiting the wall” phases asking myself if I was going to be able to find the mystery behind my family story. Why do I feel that other people are able to find information and not me?  Am I doing something wrong?, I asked myself. All I knew is that I was doing this research already for more than a couple of years and that the results I might found were getting slower and slower. Should I change the researchers?, I ask myself, too.  I remember taking a deep breath and then sitting in front of the keyboard.

After a while, I found the site of the Yizkor book of Yedinitz and as I was reading through it I came across the title “Founders of the Loan and Savings Fund”.  I remember then a voice at the back of my head telling me that my mother used to say that my grandmother´s father used to work with “money” or that he was something like “a banker” in the town they used to live. And then I saw it, a black and white photo taken in 1926. Immediately, my eyes started to scan the names written down there as fast as they possible could and stopped only when they saw it clearly typed: Asher Kaufman (Froykes). Where is he? Which one is he?, I asked myself in excitement as my heart started to pound hart. But all I could see was the blurry faces of men looking back at me. I reread which one of these names could possibly be him and then I saw a number written next to his name: the 1. I searched and then I saw him, Asher Kaufman standing tall at the very top right corner.  But, was he really my grandmother´s father or was he not? I looked at the screen for a long time, in silence, as in a state of schock. You need to understand, I have never seen a photo of him before or of any of my relatives back in Europe. Did I really found a photo of my greatgrandfather?

I immediately called my mom and told her about my discovery, as well as my cousin Denise. They are both always happy and amazed when I tell them about my progress. But let me tell you that I feel until today that it is him as I have not found another Asher Kaufman of Yedinitz again. So this is the story of how I found him, my “potential” ggf.

By telling you this story, my story, I wish to inspire you to never stop looking for clues. Just go for it until your last drop of sweat. You never know what, where, or when you will find one day…

This is the photo I found…


1. Asher Kaufman (Froykes) 2. —- 3. Hillel Dubrow 4. Aharon Bronstein 5. —– 6. Meir Walevitch 7. Yechiel Nemichinitser 8. —- 9. Yosef Speier 10. Yankel Moteses Schwartzman 11. Shmuel Ludmir 12. Itsik Yaakov-Shayas Greenberg 13. Attorney Yisrael Korman 14. Yosef Riesman 15. —- 16. Lyovo Gukovsky 17. Mina Parnes (Yisrael), 18. Raphael Cooperman

Photo and information taken from :



8 thoughts on “Founders of the Loan and Savings Fund. Audit Committee Directors. Founded 10/17/1926.

  1. Yvette: I have always told you about the little I know about your fathers family. Abuelita’s father’s name was USHER KAUFMANN. They call him ASHER on that old registry. Nonetheless you found him. Congratulations. Please ENLARGE a copy of him for me and send it via regular mail to my address. I do not need the entire picture, just that of ASHER. This has been a miracle. Keep on searching. Wish I could travel with you. I hope you find lots more. Abuelito and Abuelita must be smiling down on you. Good luck but be very careful please and come back home safe. Love, Mami

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  2. Yes ,my mother was from Yedenits and I hear the name Froikes many times , my son lives in Antwerpen and told me if Ihear the name Froikes ,Ithink they are in Israel my aunt Lefshe Botnik is in the cementery in Yedenits she died 20 august 1951 she is buried near a little house …….My aunt Janaka is in abig picture with Nathanel Shahar a cousin and Pua Vaisman aunt of Anita Vaisman from Lima, they went to Israel before the war,and Nathanel Shahar was Secretary of the Histadrut…. Besos Berta Ivette hay Municipalidad en Yedenits ……

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    • Thank you so much, Amy. It is amazing to be here and be able to discuss “live” the questions one have and be able to see with our naked eyes the real places of our family story. Thanks so much for the follow and I am looking forward to your comments.

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  3. I am fascinated by your discoveries and the wonderful people and places you are meeting… Carry on with the excellent work you are doing… Lots of love Yvette to you and family….


    • Gracias tia! I’m really more than happy to share them with all of you. This is an incredible hard work to do it but nothing compares to the happiness and joy you get when you are able to little by little reveal the trace of the past and the mystery of the story you were denied to know. And now, I am able to see the big picture and the reason why this fact happened.


  4. I am so happy to found with my heard broken where my aunt uncle and children are burried in the in the lines then have to cave and then killed,Iwas a little girl when my gradfather got the letter he dont want to live so hard


    • Hi Almendra,
      Nice meeting you. So sorry to just reply right now. I didn’t see your message before. Like you, I have been looking like crazy for years about my family. Through the years are with a resolution to find them, I did found some information and incredible stories I will soon share here. I would like to know more about your family story and learn baout the letter. Now I know my grandfather Elias (Yoil) Bronstein had a brother who stayed in Yedenitz and was murdered on July 1941. Looking forward to connect. By the way, do you know that there is a Facebook group for the Yedinitzer?
      Warm regards,


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